Notice for Soliciting International Scheme of

Urban Design along the Renmin Road of Zhangjiagang City



Commissioned by Zhangjiagang Planning Bureau (client), Urban Planning Society of China (client agent) collects the following project and relevant services to the public, and welcome the qualified domestic or overseas organizations to participate.



I. Project Name


Soliciting International Scheme of Urban Design along the Renmin Road of Zhangjiagang City



II. Project Profile


Zhangjiagang City is located at the south coast of the downstream of the Yangtze River and the southeast region of Jiangsu Province. As the rising port city at the confluence of coastal and Yangtze River economic development zones, Zhangjiagang City is close to the Yangtze River in north as well as Taihu Lake in south, and 98 kilometers to Shanghai in east as well as 200 kilometers to Nanjing in west. In future, Zhangjiagang City will be developed as the international advanced port base for manufacturing industry, the national professional logistics trade center, the state-level bonded port area, the important transportation hub and manufacturing service base along the Yangtze River and the rising culture ecotourism node of Yangtze River Delta.


Renmin Road is located in the downtown of Zhangjiagang City. It is the most important landscape road of the city with the urban functions such as administrative office, business finance, culture and sports, and so on. The road is with relatively good road traffic and landscape.


The urban design along the Renmin Road aims at promoting the development and construction of the region from overall range, and puts forward the planning and design requirements in various aspects such as function optimization, transportation organization, public space improvement and urban features and styles shaping, thus improving the overall development of the Renmin Road to a new level.


1. Prize money and compensation expense: the first prize is 1.2 million RMB; the second prize is 1 million RMB; the organizations at the third to fifth position will get the compensation expense of 0.5 million RMB respectively. The payment for the winner to improve the scheme is provided as 0.8 million RMB, which will be chosen from the top two organizations.


2. Completion cycle: 120 days.



III. Planning Scope


The planning scope is divided into two levels: Overall Scope and Key Scope, in which: the Overall Scope is to Zhangyang Highway in the north, Shugang Expressway in the west, Dongheng River in the south, and Ergan River in the east, with a total area of about 900 hectares, and the Renmin Road section is about 9 kilometers long; the Key Scope is to Zhangyang Highway in the north, Huancheng River in the west, Donghen River in the south and Jiangcheng Road in the east (see attached drawing for details).
















(Research Scope Schematic Diagram)



IV. Qualification of the Applicant Organization


1. The domestic and overseas organization which is registered in the People's Republic of China or the other countries and capable of independently undertaking the civil liability and serving the project, including enterprise legal person and other organizations.


2. The domestic organization is required to have urban and rural planning qualification class A or qualification class A of construction industry (constructional engineering) issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China.


3. The overseas (planning, design and consultation) organizations should involve in relevant business in China for more than 3 years.


4. Organizations consortium signing up is accepted, all organizations should have clear division of labor and take one design organization as the main design unit, number of the organizations consortium shall not exceed three.


5. Have the design experience and achievements of the similar project.


6. Obey relevant state laws and regulations.



V. Limit of Number of Applicant Organizations


1. After the prequalification, we will select the top 5 applicant organization for the scheme solicitation according to the principle of selecting the best ones in the qualified applicant organizations;


2. The parent and branch companies should not sign up at the same time, and when branch companies (including the branch companies of the branch companies) belonging to the same parent company sign up for the scheme solicitation, the number of the short-listed branch companies should not be higher than 1/3 of the total number of the applicant organizations.



VI. Sign Up


1. The applicant organizations download and fill the sign up form (attachment 1) and send it back to zxb@planning.org.cn, and after receiving the sign up form, the client agent replies the Prequalification Document of electronic version in e-mail.


2. The Prequalification Documents will be accepted by two ways, including On-Site Delivery and Express Mail Delivery:


     (1) On-Site Delivery: applicant should provide the Legal Representative's Copy of ID Card and Certificate of Authorization, the Authorized Representative's Copy of ID Card, the Applicant's Letter of Commitment, (the Organizations Consortiums' Protocol), the Duplicate Copy of Business License, the Qualification Certificates, Annual Turnover in the Last Three Years, Lawsuit and Bad Behavior Records in the Last Three Years (all of the documents shall be stamped by Official Seal).


     (2) Express Mail Delivery: request the same as On-Site Delivery.


3. Deadline and Address for submitting the Prequalification Document: the sign-up applicant organization should fill the Prequalification Document, and submit the paper documents at the designated site following, email the full set of Prequalification Document in electronic edition (Documents listed in On-Site Delivery shall be stamped by Official Seal and Scanned) to the designated postbox, zxb@planning.org.cn, before 16:00 pm, January 29th, 2018 (China Standard Time). Address for submitting the Prequalification Document is 1st floor, North Building of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, No.9, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100037 China. The Prequalification Document acceptance time is from 09:00 am to 16:00 pm, the Prequalification Document not submitted in time or the unqualified Prequalification Document will be rejected.


4. Announcement of signing up results: the client agent will merit-based choose applicant organizations, and announce the qualified finalists (applicant organization or the organizations consortiums) in 10 days after the signing up closes.

5、联系方式:安工010-58323856、陈工 010-58323871  邮箱:zxb@planning.org.cn

5. Contact: Ms. An 010-58323856; Ms. Chen 010-58323871. E-mail: zxb@planning.org.cn

6、电话咨询时间:工作日上午09:00-11:00时、下午14:00-16:00 时。

7. Telephone counseling time: 09:00-11:00 am, 14:00-16:00 pm, workday.



VII. In case of discrepancy between Chinese and English in the notice, the Chinese text should prevail.



Urban Planning Society of China


Zhangjiagang Planning Bureau


January 12th, 2018


附件: 附件:《张家港市人民路沿线城市设计国际方案征集》应征单位报名表.doc