Internal organization
According to the above duties, City Planning Bureau has 10 internal organs, which are main section-level institutions.
In charge of administrative affairs and all kinds of business meetings; is responsible for drawing up the annual work plan and work summary; responsible for secretarial services, message processing, file management, security, and safety, security, etc.; responsible for transact NPC's suggestion, CPPCC proposals and supervise the implementation of significant decisions; responsible for the compilation of propaganda, news and planning; organization of research topics and reception of foreign affairs; responsible for the financial management , fixed asset planning and management of Bureau; Conduct and supervise finance management work of Bureau.
Office administrator : Jiangguanhua, Tel: 65212519;Fax: 65241992

2.Chief management office
Responsible for planning the development task, and fund management; responsible for planning results’ review and approval work; is responsible for the organization work of planned design scheme’s campaign, competition and the excellent planning selection work; responsible for the management of scientific research planning and implementation; responsible for the achievement of Science and Technology Review and approval; participation in the preparing work of professional planning; participate in audit work of mapping, municipal and town planning, etc.; involved in technical validation work of various construction projects; responsible for the industrial management of planning and design; guide the county-level city’s, district’s planning department work.
Office administrator : Liuyu, Tel: 65223477

3.Land planning management office
Participation in professional planning; responsible for construction project’s site selection within the planed area; audit" construction project site selection recommendation book" and" construction land planning certificate"; Managing state-owned land user granting and transfer work within urban area; and clarify the nature of the bid auction land.
Officer: Guweidong Tel: 65186728

4.Town Planning office
In charge of the guidance, organization, management, audit and supervision job of administrative area. Organize and guide urban and rural integration planning and new countryside planning; responsible for declaration, examination and the corresponding management work of national, provincial and municipal historical and cultural town’s ( Village) protection planning; to guide towns’ overall planning, village layout planning and related establishment work; to guide and supervise the implementation of the county-level city’s, District’s, town’s planning work ;organize township cadres to do relevant training.
Officer: Zhangxinling, Tel: 65182057

5.Construction planning management Office
Responsible for auditing the city planning, detailed planning and designed program of construction projects; audit construction project’s " construction planning certificate"; to organize implementing construction project’s planning publicity; responsible for construction project’s test line and tracking management; participate in verify work ; assist in the investigation of illegal construction projects.
Officer: Yaohelin, Tel: 65183908

6.Management office
Participate in comprehensive transportation planning in urban planning district and related municipal specific planning; responsible for raise plan design condition of road construction project and plan implement management; responsible for raise plan design condition and plan implement management to track, bridge, culvert, various types of terminals, ground, underground pipeline and auxiliary facilities; responsible for the various pipeline comprehensive planning work; is responsible for air microwave, telecommunication channel planning; responsible for gather, submit urban road engineering pipeline documents; to participate in the underground pipeline survey work all around the city; participate in relevant professional planning preparation work of power supply, water supply, flood control etc.; participate in relevant construction planning acceptance work; to assist the relevant illegal construction projects’ penalty work.
Officer: Jiangwei Tel: 65182050

7.Strategy officer
Responsible for compose annual legislative plan for local regulations and rules of urban and rural planning; Participate in compose laws, regulations and measures of implementation for urban and rural planning, town planning; is responsible for supervise the implementation condition of urban and rural planning, town planning within planning area; responsible for administrative law enforcement supervision and inspection; responsible for pre-inspect the administrative case of urban planning and town planning, and act administrative punishment witness hearing, reconsideration, litigation, compensation and apply the court to compulsory execution work etc.; in charge of legal publicity and training; organize and coordinate the relevant law enforcement departments to carry out the planning and monitoring, law enforcement work; responsible for construction project acceptance work.
Officer: Zhouqin Tel: 65189628

8.Administrative licensing service office
Responsible for accept audit requisition work of construction project; responsible for the operation of handover; responsible for summarize and statistics of construction project’s information; responsible for audit approved construction project area and cost; responsible for the standardized operation; supervision work for social service commitment system, administration publicity system of construction project; the "window" issuance work of " a book three certificates". The review, issuance work of "urban and rural planning construction Certificate" by the planning branch.
Officer: Zhuxiaojun Tel: 68624730

9.Information office ( Planning and mapping management )
Responsible for departmental LAN construction, maintenance and management, ensure the network equipment and the high efficiency, safety, economic operation; in charge of the Department's website construction, maintenance and management as well as" Chinese Suzhou" government portal website, city integrated information network related column maintenance and information collection; in charge of the Department's e-government application system and security system development, maintenance and management; organization of information resources development, utilization and management, realize the information resource sharing; Coordinate with the city hall information departments to do well in information publicity, education and training; in charge of urban and rural planning of surveying and mapping as well as its achievements management; organization and implementation of underground pipeline survey; establish, maintenance and management of Suzhou base geographic information system.
Officer: Xuehaimin Tel: 65182086

10.Personnel Organization Dept
Assume training, selection, inspection and leading group construction related work for office management cadre, to guide the building of the contingent of cadres; responsible for the administration and guidance of his or her institutions, personnel, social security and other management work; to assume authority and management work for political cares of personnel to go abroad; responsible for the Bureau central group’s secretary work; in charge of women’s work, ideological and political work; responsible for the Bureau of retired cadres’ service management work.
Officer: Huangmingqiu Tel: 65181038 

Furthermore, set discipline inspection team, supervision office according to other requirement.
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