1.Execute law, regulations related to town and country planning of national, province, and city, and responsible for prepare regulations of city planning, town planning, country planning etc.
  2.Responsible for preparing urban general arrangement, organize to developing urban and rural system planning, detail planning and historical famous city’s protection planning; Organize and prepare territorial, regional, economical and social development plan and the professional planning which are related to urban and rural planning; In charge of declare, audit protection planning of urban historical and cultural cities ( towns, historical block protection area, etc.) together with the cultural relics management department.
  3.Responsible for issuing the" construction project site selection recommendation book"," construction land planning certificate"," construction project planning certificate" and" rural construction planning certificate" ( referred to as" a book three certificates" ) of new, expanded and renovated buildings, structures, roads, pipelines and other engineering facilities within urban planning area ( including temporary construction project ); Responsible for inspect and accept constructions, municipal roads and pipelines; Responsible for checking the safety of foreign construction project in aspect of site selection, positioning and designing and issue the book " three certificates "; Responsible for the management of urban planed sculpture, landscape sketch; Responsible for the management of urban planned outdoor advertising and, formulate the relevant outdoor advertising planning, set technical regulations; Issue " a book three certificates "; Responsible for the collection work of various cost; Audit site selection work of major construction projects and important infrastructure within city region, to participate in the feasibility study and issuing site selection recommendation books in comply with management authority.
  4.In charge of the city's urban and rural planning and supervision of the implementation of urban and rural planning; organize to check the implementation of town planning, urban and rural planning; law cases investigation and solving in accordance with law; Responsible for the planning and management of administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation as well as planning law enforcement supervision and legality propaganda education.
  5.Managing state-owned land user granting and transfer work within urban area; Responsible for tendering, put forward planed design conditions of auctioned land; To assist the annual land supply plan.
  6.Responsible for design organization management of the urban and rural planning and mapping implementation; To organize the campaign work of design plan; Organize general survey of underground pipeline implementation; organize to build basic geographic information system.
  7.Responsible for the urban and rural planning work of develop business, make progress of science and technology, exchange information and work training etc.
  8.Conduct business work of a county-level administrative planning department.
  9.The other matters authorized by municipal government.
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